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BEn Bosworth Memorial Fund

The VW Aircooled scene is where Ben benefited most in terms of friendship, help, and self-esteem. He built his life (and illness) round it. Following his death from life-long chronic renal failure, it seemed appropriate that funds raised in his memory should be for people in the VW Aircooled Scene who are suffering from "need, hardship or distress caused by illness". There are many people who earn their livings from, or who restore and maintain vehicles, or who simply socialise in the "aircooled scene".

  • These are some examples of how funds could be available for:
  • someone with a serious health problem who would like a holiday outside the EU area (not covered by an E111) but the cost of temporary treatment in that country would be prohibitive.
  • someone with health problems who wishes to achieve a goal not catered for by other charities.
  • someone who needs a piece of equipment that cannot be supplied through the NHS.

The Fund would not make loans nor would it distribute funds to pay mortgage or debt arrears, fines, utility bills, cosmetic medical treatment (of the sort to do with vanity) or to fund those whose "need, hardship or distress" is self inflicted, for example: unemployment because of resigning from paid work; problems associated with drug taking (though there may be exceptions), accidents caused by the drunkeness or negligence of the claimant. "Need, hardship or distress because of illness" is a broad description and therefore awards would be at the discretion of the committee.

How is an Aircooled enthusiast defined for the purposes of benefiting from the Fund?

The definition is someone who:

  • holds a current insurance certificate for an aircooled vehicle, or;
  • is employed repairing, restoring, reselling or distributing aircooled cars and parts, or;
  • is connected in some way to the Aircooled scene and could prove this if required by the 'committee'. and;
  • is domiciled in the United Kingdom.

How would claimants apply for financial help?

If a claimant, as defined, finds themself in difficult circumstances, then applications for grants from the Fund can be made in writing to the Funds Committee. Claimants will be required to complete a form and all applications will be considered by the Fund's Committee.

To download an application form in pdf format please right click the link below and choose "Save Target As"

Application Form

Get Adobe Reader You will need Acrobat Reader to view/print the file. If you do not have it installed then it can be downloaded by clicking here.
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