"You either get it or you don't!"

Ben Bosworth (RIP)

Here at Boatyard Buses we aim to provide the products and services that we always found difficult to find ourselves . . . at least at a sensible cost anyway.

Boatyard Buses was formed due to our own desire to have the vehicles we wanted… the way we wanted - with that cool tough commercial look (or ‘boat-yard’ look as we like to call it!) often referred to as ‘rat look’ but with the build quality hidden beneath to a high class standard. This is because we like to use our vehicles for what they were designed for – to be driven!

We know the ‘Boat-yard’ look is not everyone’s cup of tea, but in our opinion if its built well with quality parts underneath the external appearance you choose (from show winning restos to beat-up rust boxes) is down to your personal taste and that’s the only way for you! Personally we just think ours look better on the floor with plenty of character!

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