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Lowering Springs for VW Caddy Mk2 - 40mm drop spring kit

Lowering Springs for VW Caddy Mk2 - 40mm drop spring kit

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Lowering Springs for VW Caddy Mk2

Key Features:

Made from silicon-chrome steel to ensure long life
Red powder coat finish on the springs
Progressively wound springs for the best balance between firmness and comfort
Improved roadholding and more controlled body roll

A set of two front lowering springs



This Lowering Spring Kit will fit;
VW Caddy Mk2 (9K) models, made from 1996-2003:
1.4 MPI / 1.6 SPI / 1.6 MPI / 1.7 SDI / 1.9 D / 1.9 SDI / 1.9 TDI

The lowering amount may be less than indicated on cars with factory-fitted sports suspension.
Also suitable for Facelift versions.

Lowering Amount:

Front: 40mm

Good to Know:

These Lowering Springs are designed to fit on to the standard (OEM) top mounts and or spring seats.
Springs uprated by 30% to improve handling and progressively wound to give a firm but compliant ride.
Kit consists of two front springs. The rear can be lowered by adjusting the position of the torsion bar.
Lifetime guarantee – you’ll keep the warranty cover for as long as you keep the car!
Designed and tested for an exact fit and consistent performance.
Every spring is performance-tested and measured at the factory before dispatch.

In the Box:

2 x Progressively wound Front Lowering Springs
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